Ready to make the first step?

The next 8 weeks consist of training twice a week in our 1 1/2 hour sessions with our dedicated CWCB team.

No matter your ability, fitness level or age we will offer the best support on your journey

During the training sessions you’ll learn key skills as you develop as a Cobra White Collar Boxer

  • Correct stance
  • Movement
  • Defence
  • Attack
  • Combination
  • Working with a punch bag
  • Shadow boxing
  • Nutrition
  • Stretching techniques

Over the next 8 weeks you will gain experience in the ring sparring other Cobra White Collar Boxers, learning the noble art and sharpening your skills to show off in front of friends and family on your big night.


By round 2 you will have gone through one of the biggest transformations in your life and  pushed and tested yourself to the max. Be proud because we are!!

The team pay close attention to your amazing progress over the 8 weeks. When the time comes to match you up to your opponent for the big night you will have the perfect match.

A week before fight night, you’ll be asked to attend our match up night. This will be the night when your opponent will be confirmed and we ask you to take part in a faceoff with your challenger.

It’s a fun night and the time to recognise how far you’ve come. This is all part of your boxing experience and gives you the opportunity to show off your war face for the camera so get practicing!

The matching process will be based on:

  • Weight
  • Fitness
  • Ability

We will match you up for a fair and competitive fight that is equally rewarding for both competitors.


So here we are, you’ve made it to FIGHT NIGHT

It’s time to show off all the hard work and dedication you have put in these past 8 weeks.

We ask you to arrive at the chosen venue 2 hours before general entry. You will get a medical and use this time to get familiar with the venue and prepare yourself before the empty seats become filled with screaming fans.

Once all Cobra White Collar Boxers have gone through medical and familiar with the venue, our CWCB team leader will announce the fight order of the night and finish with a motivational speech to fire you all up ready for the big event

Once your scheduled fight comes around, it will be time to step in to the ring and show your friends and family what you’ve learnt these past 8 weeks. Music of your choice will be playing throughout the venue as you walk out of the changing rooms and greeted by your cheering fans. Bask in the moment, they’re here for you!  Once you have made the ring walk, you will climb the ropes, be given some last minute advice from your corner team and then you will hear the sound of the bell and you will have your boxing bout. It will be a 3 x 2 minute rounds experience that you will remember forever so give it everything you got.